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Masters Marketing et Communication HEM Maroc

Master Degree in Marketing & Communication of HEM Business School

HEM Business School organizes the Marketing and Communications MS jointly with the corporate Marketing and communication Master of the University of Panthéon - ASSAS Paris II.

The program leads, through a system of equivalence, to a double diploma.

The Paris II - Panthéon Assas University was initially renowned as an excellent law school. Now it is one of the leading universities in management, particularly in marketing, in France.

In 1999, the Panthéon ASSAS University signed an agreement with AACC (Association of Agencies in Communication and Consulting), which gave birth to the Master degree in Marketing and Business Communication.


The main objective of this program is to deliver professional qualification training, specialized in marketing and corporate communication. This training will allow participants a gradual responsibility taking in these two fields.

Graduates can exercise these responsibilities either with advertisers or at research firms, marketing consultancies or advertising agencies.

Why choose the Marketing & Communication MS?

Usually ranking as the first communication training in France by SMBG firm - France (, the proposed program offers many advantages:

  • A truly global vision of management and a proven career booster;
  • Solid training in theory with a strong focus on practice;
  • Interactions with faculty, national and international high-level executives
  • Small classes and small groups methodology,
  • Sharing experiences and developing a network between participants from different professions and businesses,
  • Courses taking place in a suitable campus, located in a quiet and pleasant neighborhood.


Collaboration within the MBA General management MBA / MBA IP between HEM Business School and its two prestigious international partners has been lasting for nearly a decade.





Courses are extended by senior professors.

In order to cover both national and international concerns, all courses are organized in pairs and are thus systematically conducted by a professor from HEM Business School and a professor from one of the two partner institutions.


The program is for high potential managers who wish to boost their careers, holders of a bachelor degree (engineers, lawyers, scientists, school graduates, ...) and with a significant professional experience.

Prior knowledge in management is not necessary.


Applicants are selected on the basis of three criteria:

  • Application Review: it concerns the evaluation of the candidate's initial training, professional experience and motivations.
  • Oral presentation: the jury assesses the motivations and professional skills of the applicant as well as his/her general economic and managerial culture.

Registration File

The application file must be fully completed. It contains:

  • Copies certified true to the original of the ID card and of the Baccalaureate degree
  • A copy certified true to the original bachelor degree
  • Undergraduate class grade transcripts
  • Work experience evidence
  • 5 passport photos
  • Participation fees: DH 1000.

Class Organization

The program runs for 18 months and includes 5 major modules, a total of 396 hours (excluding project evaluations and professional project).
In order to adapt to the professional constraints of participants, classes are part-time and take place on Friday evening (5 p.m. to 10 p.m.) and Saturday (8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.) on 3 week-ends per month (lunch and Saturday coffee breaks are offered and managed on site).


The program covers the following seminars:


Number of Hours

Module 1- Foundation Courses 

Basic marketing


New Trends in Marketing


Communication and models of persuasion


Advanced Marketing


Consumer Behavior




Module 2 - Environment and Communications Framework

Institution and Communication Challenges


Communication Economics


Trends in Communication


Legal Communication Environment




Module 3 - Communication Policy and Strategy

Branding and Communication Strategy


Message Construction and Analysis


Strategy and Communication Policy


Strategy Resources


Marketing Strategy - Case Study




Module 4 - Tools and Techniques

Media and advertising efficiency


Knowledge of Media


Data Analysis




Module 5 - Methodology / Communication

Integration Seminar


Interpersonal Communication


Research Methodology


Individual coaching and group


Methodology /Oral exam







Examination Mode

Assessment takes the following forms :

  • Coursework for modules 1 and 4
  • An oral exam (module 2)
  • A paper essay (Module 3)
  • Writing a dissertation and defending it before a jury

Graduation requirements

The candidate is declared admitted if he/she obtains :

  • An average of at least 10/20 in coursework, oral and written exams
  • A grade of at least 10/20 in the dissertation

Graduation may be refused by the jury for students who have not attended more than 20% of the classes.

The dissertation is split into two parts, each one counting for 50%:

  • The first written document given by the supervisor
  • The second given by the jury on the basis of the dissertation defense. The jury may ask questions related to the content of the program. The jury is made of three members: a faculty member from the Pantheon ASSAS University, a faculty member from HEM Business School and a representative of the business world.

Honor awards are based on the participant’s GPA. This is calculated based on grades obtained quizzes, the oral and written exams (a weight coefficient of 1 for each component) and the dissertation (a weight coefficient of 3).

Honors are awarded according to the following marking scheme :

  • Pass: GPA <12
  • Fairly Good: GPA > = 12 and <14
  • Good: GPA > = 14 and <16
  • Very Good: GPA > = 16


  • HEM Business School Marketing and Communication MS.
  • Masters of Business in Marketing and Communication, University Panthéon - Assas Paris II


The purpose of the program is to enable graduates try new fields of communications and marketing according to their professional ambitions. It is a real career booster for marketing professionals.

Graduates can access jobs such as:

  • Marketing or communications managers in the advertising business, product managers, branding internal or external communication manager...
  • Account Managers, advertising managers, media planners, strategic planners in advertising agencies.
  • Consultants in research firms and marketing consultancies, project manager, head of research & development.

An exam schedule is available at HEM Business School administration office.


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