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Masters Management Financier HEM Maroc

Master Degree in Financial Management of HEM Business School

The Master degree in Financial Management from HEM Business School is a double degree along with the ISEM – University of Montpellier I Master in Finance - Financial Management Course. IT is a high-level course on the finances of companies dealing with the financial markets.


The Master degree in Financial Management is a highly selective course that trains specialists in the fields of finance, with a strong knowledge of all aspects of corporate finance, financial markets and financial institutions.

The purpose of the training is to prepare participants to take responsibility within the finance departments of companies as well as in banks and insurance companies by providing them with a double competence:

  • Techniques in corporate finance and capital markets both in financial, legal and taxation matters;
  • Managerial skills to develop teamwork capacity, coach teams and develop a rigorous methodology as well as the necessary ethics to succeed in such careers.


Since its creation in 1971, the Institute of Business Sciences and Management - ISEM, University Montpellier I – offers a high-level vocational training courses in management related subjects. It is highly recognized and appreciated by companies and allows its graduates access to positions of responsibility.






Why choose HEM Business School Master degree in Financial Management?

The training has many advantages:

  • A business-oriented training building on partnerships with professionals.
  • Teaching methods combining theory and practice.
  • National and international high-level faculty members.
  • A support system to help participants to reflect and build their personal and professional project,
  • Small classes and groups,
  • Sharing experiences and developing a network between participants from different companies,
  • Courses taking place in an adapted campus, located in a quiet and pleasant areas.

Targets of HEM Business School Master degree in Financial Management?

Holders of a Baccalaureate degree + 4 (Bachelors, Masters) in Management, Economics, or Sciences and Technology, the degree of higher schools of business or engineering, with a work experience of at least 2 years


The course is organized on a part-time basis, so as to be compatible with the pursuit of an occupation, on Friday evening (from 17:30 to 22h) and Saturday (8:30 am to 17h), 3 weekends a month (lunch and coffee breaks on Saturday are held on site).


The program runs for 12 months and covers five modules, that is a total of 384 hours (outside assessments and preparations of the professional report)


Number of Hours

Integration Seminar 6

Module 1:  Finance Supporting means

Financial English 24
finance computer sciences 24
financial Economics 24

Module 2: Finance Fundamentals

Introduction to  Finance Research 24
Financial Markets 24
Financial Engineering 24
Financial Analysis 24

Module 3:  Corporate Law and Finance

Taxation and business groups 24
Financing Law 24

Module 4: Financial Strategies

Financial Engineering - Case Study 24
Financial Decisions 24

Module 5: Financial Management and Risk

Cash-flow  Management 24
Financial Risk Management 24
Financial Modeling       24

Professional Monograph

Supervision 18 

Total  Year



Registration File

The application file shall be duly completed. It includes:

  • A certified copy of the degree
  • A mark sheet of the post secondary
  • A resume
  • A copy of the I.D. card
  • A certificate proving work experience
  • 5 passport photos
  • Costs of participation: DH 1 000


The training prepares participants for rewarding occupations and high potential for development. Graduates may work in administrative and financial companies, banks (headquarters, agencies, chambers of trade, ...) and insurance companies, as:

  • Chief financial officer
  • Credit - manager
  • Investment advisor and financial manager in banks,
  • Financial analyst
  • Risk analysis
  • Council on wealth management
  • Financial Advisor in banks’ head offices and branches

Selection of Candidates

Candidate selection is made on the basis of:

  • The candidacy file study by a panel on the basis of the evaluation of the applicant's training, his/her professional experience and professional project.
  • An oral interview: the jury assesses the motivations and professional skills of the candidate, his/her general, economic and managerial culture.
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