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As part of its policy to develop knowledge and encourage an active citizenship mindset, HEM Business School has been organizing several events during the academic year, open to faculty, students and the general public.

Citizen University

Launched in 1998, "The Citizen University" is a pure HEM Business School product and a unique concept in contemporary Morocco that has yet its roots in the Moroccan university ancient historical practices.

"The HEM Business School Citizen University" aims at enriching openness and developing the culture of pluralism, debate and active citizenship.

It consists of a series of seminars designed as introductory courses aimed at raising awareness with respect to social and economic, managerial, societal and political topics, be national or international.

Seminars are delivered by renowned academics, and international experts.

HEM Business School Citizen University is open, free of charge, to any citizen, without any conditions. It entitles anyone who attends at least 90% of all seminars to an "auditor certificate".

It lasts about three months and is organized each year in all HEM Business School Campuses.

Debate Conferences

Moderated by renowned speakers, these meetings aim to address national and international hot media topics.

These events are open to the general public, journalists and, of course, to students and faculty.

They are scheduled all over the academic year, at a frequency of 2 to 3 conferences per year in each Campus, in order to take into consideration other HEM Business School activities.

Other General Public Events

Part of its constant endeavor to enrich the spirit of openness, diversity and debate, HEM Business School regularly organizes in each campus other types of meetings on salient national or international topics.

These meetings are designed based on different concepts and can take different forms:

- "Decision-makers interviews": This is a series of meetings between officials, decision makers from the public or private sphere, HEM Business School students and faculty, and the general public with a dual objective:

  • Allow, on the one hand, speakers to expose and explain their vision, strategy and action program.
  • Provide, on the other hand, HEM Business School guests with the opportunity to learn, question and engage in corporate affairs.

- "Open Forum": This concept encourages free speech and highlights a salient media issue by inviting the appropriate guest. The peculiarity of the concept lies in the appropriateness of the topic and the person discussing it.

- "The Grand Jury": This is an encounter between a representative of the political, economic, social or artistic world and an HEM Business School students "jury" in presence of a general public audience. The guest thus answers, as objectively and spontaneously as possible, all the questions prepared by the students.

- Etc.

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